2500 metal member cards form a one of a kind network with bespoke access to a wide range of luxury services, benefits and rewards; anywhere in the world. Over a decade of servicing private clients and curating luxury services. Enter, the worlds first lifestyle NFT.

For centuries, mines have symbolized man kind's relentless desire for extracting and discovering value. In the 21st century, value is being reimagined in ways never seen before using blockchain technology. The Mine is novel in the pursuit to become the bonafide first mover in minting a luxury status symbol that's as usable as it is valuable



A novel idea, like precious metal, is constant; Unchanging in time,  anchored in its own ability to enchant those who have existed before it and those who exist after it. The Mine is ready to re-introduce you to the world, through our eyes.



If you build it, they will come. The Mine brings together like-minded individuals. Akin to a magnetic force in cyber space, the value of the Mine means nothing without those who are willing to extract the maximum potential from its network. 

The Mine strives to provide a platform by which new business relationships and networks are forged. Personal and professional growth are at the cornerstone of the culture we aim to create.

In a digital world, the noise can become unbearable sometimes. Together we will bring focus, intention and execution back to the forefront; as one.



The world is yours by land, air, or sea. The Mine network is your preferred means of navigation at anytime and to anywhere in the world. Your lifestyle, on standby. The Mine caters to the the few who dared to dream and helped usher in this new digital age.

Opening car door


Private Aircraft


Aerial View of Yacht


Hotel Patio




New York City




The Mine offers our members an array of perquisites created to conserve your most precious resource, time. Whether that be our world class concierge handling your last minute travel arrangements or bringing our network of members together for private networking events, we give you full access.

Priority access to all future luxury collections from The Mine. Quarterly 1/1 NFT reward for highest grossing member account.

Cryptocurrency Settlement for services rendered. Traditional legacy options also supported.

24/7 access to The Mine Concierge via phone, email or private discord channels.

Invitation to all private events between the Meta verse and physical world. 


The Mine is an idea, but only its members can manifest its mission and build its culture. It takes action to extract value from ones life much like it takes reduction to extract precious metal from a molten ore. The Mine isn't about the destination, its about the expedition one must embark on to reach that destination. A journey of self discovery, self worth and adversity. A journey that many read about but few embark on. 

The ultimate mission of The Mine is to create a platform by which you can enrich your life whether that be personally or professionally. We are simply providing the tools by which to do it. By leveraging our vendor relationships worldwide, our member card service was created to act as a 24/7 travel agency, business network, collectible, and access key for future events.

Below is our idea for the future, our expedition we plan to embark on. We hope you'll join us.

MAY 2022

The Mine welcomes its first 500 members via its legacy collection and launches its luxury concierge service.

JUNE 2022

The Mine launches its private incubator designed to spotlight promising up and coming projects in the crypto/NFT space.


The Mine launches its second member collection. The Mine begins monthly discord keynotes from various influencers/professionals from the crypto space and beyond.


The Mine reaches 5,000 members worldwide and announces its NFT rewards winners from Q1, Q2 and Q3 of 2022.



The Mine pioneers its first Luxury NFT suite of products designed to stretch between the physical world, digital world and meta verse.


The Mine hosts its first ever private networking event in Miami, FL.


The Mine continues growing its brand and member community throughout the world.




What is an NFT?

NFT’s create digital inimitability by linking an existing piece of art or utility to a blockchain through a specific arrangement of code. The Mine is the first Lifestyle NFT to come to market. A digitally scarce collection of member cards seemingly made of various precious/rare metals. The member cards act as an access point to our private community of cardholders (via discord), 24/7 concierge service (phone, email or discord), crypto settlement layer, priority access to all future collections from The Mine, NFT rewards based on services rendered and private in person/online events. 

Who purchases from The Mine Collection?

The Mine NFT is for the dreamer and the visionary. We are a brand first, with hopes that our cardholders help to build our community and realize The Mines true potential over a multi-year time horizon. We want our early holders to participate as much as possible alongside The Mine as we continue to scale further into the NFT space and beyond.

Why should I own The Mine collection?

The overall goal of our collection is that the benefits of holding the NFT on a longer time horizon outweigh the temptation of trying to flip the NFT for a quick profit. The Mine collection is also ideal for those with disposable income who are in need of luxury services on a relatively frequently basis. Our concierge service is worldwide and can be leveraged to source/locate whatever your specific needs are thereby saving you the legwork. It’s also ideal for individuals who are looking for more than just a discord/community that want to post memes all day. The community will strive to learn, grow and flourish both financially and professionally alongside each other. 

How are payments for services fulfilled?

Our cardholders will have the option to pay in various cryptocurrency options or through the traditional legacy system (credit, debit, wire transfer). All payments for services will flow through our parent company based in the US. 

Is there a whitelist for The Mine?

For now, you can apply for a Mine card at our waitlist section here. By opting into the waitlist you can find out details on any whitelists should The Mine decide to explore that arena. 

What blockchain will The Mine member cards live on?

The Ethereum blockchain.  

What's the mint price?

To be announced.

Are these designs 1/1?

No, there are 50 different design combinations.