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The Mine's incubator is designed for collaborative curation and accentuation of promising projects across the cryptocurrency space, meta verse and physical world. The mission of The Mine is to add value wherever possible and we believe massive value add often comes off the heels of collaboration.

Image by Maxim Hopman


The Mine Incubator curates promising upcoming and existing projects across the cryptocurrency space. 

Image by julien Tromeur


Along with The Mines own brand ambitions for the meta verse / NFT space, curation of exciting projects with real utility and/or artistic value will be spotlighted in the incubator using a collaborative approach with our cardholders.


Physical World

The overall goal of our incubator in the physical world is for our cardholders to collaborate with each other on various business ventures IRL. Our hope is that relationships forged inside The Mine supersedes the digital world/meta verse. 

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