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Golds origins date back over 200 million years after a payload of asteroids bombarded earths atmosphere. Gold is the incumbent; the most hated, but undeniably one of the most desired metals in the world for its malleability. Within gold lies one of the worlds great truths, that we do not succeed in spite of our challenges and difficulties, but rather,  precisely because of them. The Mine® Gold is for those who's story has yet to be told. A single gram of gold can be stretched into a thread five miles long. Gold is adaptable, such is life.


Each Mine member card is reminiscent of its metal counterpart in the physical world. On the top right facing corner the name of the metal lies accoutered with its corresponding atomic number to its upper left and atomic weight to the bottom right corner of the card. The etching of each card corresponds with its abstract metal counterpart. Learn more about the various finishes below.



Our brushed finish, produced through a rough sanding with a 180-grit virtual belt than softened with an 80 grit greaseless compound. This process creates a distinctive look, as the Palladium retains some but not all of its metallic lustre while giving a series of lines running parallel to the brushing direction. 






 Our polished finish, achieved by first using a rougher virtual abrasive that removes imperfections from the Palladium. The second stage uses finer virtual abrasives to achieve a smoother unmarked finish. The final step involves high speed virtual stationary buffers, polishing compounds and die grinders create a mirror like sheen.  



Our scratched finish is formed through deep randomized slashes with a virtual aluminum oxide grinding disc. The process results in deep scratches that texturize the metal while still partially preserving its metallic luster.



Our matte finish is first aged in a virtual solution of vinegar/salt then texturized with steel wool. Once that process is completed a quick virtual vapor blast creates the smooth matte finish. 



Our molten finish, created by exposing rose gold to its melting point of 1,948 degrees. Virtually heated to a boil then cooled back to its stable state creating a molten metallic finish with an aggressively textured look. 

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