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Rhodium nugget, chemical element with Rh symbol, metal for industrial use, used in jewelry


Rhodium is often used in watch movements to protect parts that are susceptible to corrosion or wear over time. It's also the most scarce of the platinum metals occurring at just 1 part per 200 million in the Earth's crust.  Considered to be the rarest metal of all the precious metals, The Mine Rhodium is for those who realize the inherent value and scarcity of their time. Time is finite and The Mine acknowledges this; it's why we encourage our members to offload some of that responsibility to our team. From private yacht charters to last minute flights, we're here to help enrich your experiences and ameliorate your stressors.


The Mine® Gold comes accoutered in a brush, flake, or metallic finish with a face etched in various precious metal options. 

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